Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for collaborating with us?

1) Reach out to us with all the details about your products, packaging and business. You can fill a quote on our website, send us an email, call us or schedule a meet with us on https://calendly.com/summitrxusa/one-on-one-consultation. 2) We will send you a quote based on your requirements. 3) You will send us a PO and we will send you an invoice. 4) You will do a 50% deposit at the start of the manufacturing and packaging process. 5) We will send you a Product Specification Sheet with product details for review. 6) After your approval, we start with the process. 7) You will have your products ready to be shipped in 4 to 8 weeks, depending on if it is a first project or a repeat order.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement?

Packaging - 1000 units. Capsule Manufacturing - 150,000 capsules. Gummy Manufacturing- 250,000 gummies. Powder - 250 kg. We can also charge a flat fee for R&D and small run depending on project.

What are the normal stages of encapsulation ?

Formulation Determination- In this stage, we work with customers to develop products. Raw Material and Supplier Qualification- After understanding the exact need of our customers, we qualify the raw materials and supplier based on ingredients needed for the formulations. Receiving and Testing the Raw Materials- Once the suppliers are qualified , we will receive the materials and conduct testing of raw materials to confirm the standard according to formulation. Blending and Encapsulation- Once the materials are tested and released by Quality Assurance, it goes for blending and is later encapsulated into capsules. Final Testing - In this final stage, the products are polished and passed through metal detector, and finally tested for microbial as well as assay of ingredients before they are ultimately released for packaging.

What are the available sizes and types of capsules available? 

The capsule size ranges from No 4 ( less dosage capacity) to 000 ( max dosage capacity). The selection of size of the capsule is dependent on the serving size and dosage amount per serving. Usually in the nutraceutical market, size 0 and 00 are the most common. There are different types of materials available that make the shell of the capsule like, Gelatin- Animal source, HPMC - Plant based, also known as ‘Veggie capsules’, ‘Vegetarian capsules’, or ‘Cellulose capsules’, and Pullulan - Starch based plant sourced capsule, also known as ‘Organic capsules’. It complies with national organic standards and is used in conjunction with certified organic formula. There are different types of materials used in shells to protect capsules in Acidic environment of the stomach, if needed based on ingredients such as probiotics. They are also called “ Acid Resistance capsules”.

What is the available manufacturing capacity?

Packaging - 200 million bottles annually.Powder Manufacturing - 1000 metric ton of powder annually. Capsule Manufacturing - One billion capsules annually.Gummy Manufacturing - 100 million gummies annually.

Do you offer in-house lab testing?

We do limited in-house testing which includes Microbial and Material ID testing. For all other testings, we outsource to ISO 17015 accredited labs.

What is Private Label and White Label Packaging?

Private and White Label products are usually applied to existing formulas or products that are already developed and manufactured by the formulator or manufacturer. As brand owners, they design and represent the product formulation individually and accordingly design the label that is applied to the existing product formulation.

Do you offer vegan and sugar-free options?

We specialize in making yummy and nutritious pectin-based sugar-free gummies and other products with similar options that are also vegan.

Do you ship internationally?

At Summit Rx, we ship internationally and can deliver your products anywhere in the world. 

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, we do offer reliable drop shipping services for your customers.

Do you offer fulfillment?

Our 47,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility has capacity to store and ship a large range of project sizes. We do offer fulfillment services at our manufacturing and packaging facility.