Blending, Roller Compaction And Granulations


Our state-of-the-art contract powder manufacturing and packaging company specializes in blending and granulations. We have a range of blenders in different sizes, which can blend up to 1000 metric tons of powder annually. Our blenders are equipped with options of spray of choice of liquid with controlled flow, enabling us to achieve a uniform distribution of the liquid and powder components. This ensures that the final product has consistent quality and potency.

In addition to blending, we also offer dry granulation and roller compaction services. Our modern facility at Summit Rx has hammer mills, roller compacters, dryers, and oscillation granulators. These powder manufacturing machines enable us to control the particle size and density of the granules, providing our clients with a range of options to meet their specific needs. With our expertise in roller compaction, we can create granules with a controlled release profile, providing targeted and sustained delivery of the active ingredients.

We maintain strict protocols for cleaning and sanitation to prevent cross-contamination and ensure product purity. We also perform in-process and finished product testing to ensure that the products meet our clients' specifications and regulatory requirements. Our team of skilled powder manufacturing professionals has the expertise and experience to ensure that the blending and granulation process is efficient, safe, and consistent. With our dedication to premium quality, we are your reliable powder supplement manufacturer!